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Through incredible leadership, Sheriff Asbell has made great change in Peoria County during his first 6 months in Office.

Brian Asbell

First Six Months in Office

Brian Asbell

During Sheriff Asbell's first six months in office..

Restructured entire organization due to substantial budget cuts in 2017 budget (over $1 million reduction in budget and loss of 17 Full Time Employees).

After restructure and reduced budget, still managed to finish the year $600,000 under budget.


Renegotiated Inmate Healthcare contract with an estimated annual savings of approximately $170,000.

Created an inmate work program to perform janitorial services at the Sheriffs Office campus. Annual savings of $130,000 due to this previously being contracted out to a vendor.

Through reorganization of department, re-opened Jefferson St. Courthouse entrance in November 2017.

Obtained a national certification from American Jail Association as Certified Jail Manager (CJM). Only 3 people in Illinois have achieved this certification.

Named chairman of CIERT (Central Illinois Emergency Response Team) Board.

Initiated an automated inmate information phone answering system which provides detailed inmate information questions from the Jail Management System (JMS). Worked with technology vendor (GTL) and negotiated this platform upgrade at zero cost (estimated savings $50,000). System also frees up hours of staff time which were previously occupied with inmate information phone calls and now have ability to perform other necessary duties, which also can be quantified into a large annual monetary savings.

Began a complete overhaul of all policy and procedures for all divisions of the Peoria County Sheriffs Office. Teamed with vendor Lexipol and finished product will be based on best industry standards, State and Federal law and will be in an electronic format that can be easily referenced and used by employees. Additionally, creating weekly training briefs for employees to reinforce understanding and application of policies.


Continued relationship with Jobs Partnership Program and created an inmate re-entry program which focuses on soft skills, education and employment post release. Incorporated MRT (moral reconation therapy) into this curriculum. Additionally, linked this program with ELITE re-entry program, which enables a detainee to continue training outside jail if released from custody prior to completing program.

Developed relationships with several local employers to ensure employment opportunities for ex-offenders graduating from Jobs Program.

Teamed with Human Service Center (HSC) to create an ongoing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) training for detainees, focusing on addiction counseling and anger management.

Created an online professional visitor platform which allows attorneys to conduct video conferences with their in-custody clients from a remote location.

Complete overhaul and upgrade of Sheriffs Office website which focuses on transparency and links to public information.

Successfully negotiated Patrol Deputies employment contract which was set for arbitration when I took Office.

Successfully negotiated with three labor unions (Patrol Lieutenants, Patrol Deputies and Corrections) healthcare insurance adjustments for 2018. All units had arbitration rights to argue healthcare adjustments but managed to resolve with all units accepting proposed County wide premium increase without taking to arbitration. All units valued the relationship with me as Sheriff and wanted to keep the positive work environment.

Concentrated in ensuring facility is following federal guidelines for Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards. Developed strong policy, procedures, reporting ability for detainees. Additionally, created training and reporting program for all staff members and volunteers.

Worked with Peoria Police Department in grant funding and policy development for Body Worn Cameras (BWC). Will have this operational by end of second quarter in 2018.

Expanded drug drop program which allows a safe place for citizens to discard unused medications.

Expanded inmate work program to more ecology based work. Now help maintain all Peoria County recycling centers, assists all County departments with labor intense jobs such as furniture moving, large trash removal, etc.

Funded and helped facilitate a major capital project to fix deteriorating ring road around facility.

Put together a large-scale community training program for area churches and other houses of worship on the topic of active shooter training and site safety.

Successful facility inspection by IDOC Jail and Detention Standards UnitReceived a perfect report with no noncompliance issues related to Illinois County Jail Standards (5th year in a row).

Developed policy and guidelines for creating a public Jail Advisory Board to assist in community relations, development of policy, transparency and collaboration. Board will be functional by end of 2nd quarter 2018.

Started a weekly public tour program of the Peoria County Jail to educate public on local criminal justice system and to ensure transparency.

Created a position that manages jail finances including inmate commissary, inmate phone system accounts, inmate trust fund accounts, bond payments. This employee also assists in grant writing and maintenance, department statistical data, website content, etc.

Helped create and organize a collaboration committee/ work group which is focused on Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Issues (Addictions, Mental health, suicide prevention).

Increased the number of volunteers participating in the Sheriffs Auxiliary Unit and Search and Rescue team (SAR).

Began Procedural Justice training for Command Staff.

Partnership with Consulate of Mexico was established

Actively participated in Shop Local campaign to assist with the local economy.

Started a task force/committee to formulate a plan to initiate a MAT (medical assisted treatment) program on the Sheriffs Office campus to provide opiate treatment options to at risk population. Now looking at possibility in starting an inpatient detox/ treatment facility for individuals who need help with addiction. Will have program up and running by end of 2nd quarter.

Established clear guidelines and vision statement for all employees. Focused on integrity and a community policing approach at all levels. Reinforced the importance of community trust and teamwork.

Team Peoria County Approach: Worked with County Administration, County Board, Court Administration and other elected offices in assisting with problems and other issues. Examples of this:

Allowed new Public Defender to use my personal Courthouse

Office as his work space until such time a workspace is

dedicated for him and his team.

Allowed Sheriffs Office finance manager to serve as Interim County CFO until such time this position is filled. Will be internally managing some of these functions until such time the County Administration position is permanently filled.

Assisted Coroner with large scale removal and destruction of medications. Additionally, assisted with office reorganization and painting.

Ongoing assistance with maintaining County recycling centers.

Collaboration with Peoria County/ City Health Department and County Administration with ongoing emergency management services (EMA). This collaboration relinquishes the Sheriffs Office from being identified as primary director of this agency but through this collaboration and identifying the Health Dept. as lead agency it opens doors to more grant funding and assistance with grant management. The law enforcement role remains the same.

Built or continued strong work relationships

and collaborations with the following entities:

All Sheriffs Office employees and labor unions

Peoria County Administration

Peoria County Board members

Peoria County States Attorney

Peoria County Coroner

Circuit Clerk

Judges and Court Administration

Peoria City Mayor, Manager and Council members

Peoria County mayors and village presidents

Peoria Police Department

Human Service Center

Peoria City/County Health Department

Center for Prevention of Abuse

Hult Center

Childrens Home

Peoria City Fire Dept. and Peoria County Volunteer Fire Depts.


Jobs Partnership Program


Regional Office of Education

District 150 Administration

Area clergy members

Unites States Marshals Service (USMS)

South Side Office of Concern

Peoria Housing Authority

Illinois Central College

Peoria County Probation Dept.

Juvenile Detention Center


Unity Point

Other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies

Accomplishments since 2010 as Jail Superintendent and/or Sheriff

Facilitated over $6,800,000 in revenues. Primary revenue sources were through developing strong relationship and negotiating with United States Marshal’s Service to secure Federal Prisoners. Additionally, successfully negotiated a per diem rate of pay for housing. Other major

revenue source was through the inmate phone system and creating a platform that increased phone usage.

Jail Medical and mental health improvements. Instrumental in securing funding for 24 hour on site medical staff (nursing). Additionally, created an inmate healthy lifestyle education program, Chronic Care clinic and brought in full time mental health professionals. Did not have on site mental health staff prior to 2010, now have 60 hours per week and additional 4 hours of psychiatric care from M.D. This is supplemented with a MOU with HSC for an ERS response on a PRN basis when MH staff is not available.

Obtained a national accreditation through National Commission of Correctional Healthcare with the jail’s healthcare unit. 1 of 5 Counties in Illinois to obtain this.

Implemented a Video Visitation platform to facilitate professional and public inmate visits. Negotiated zero cost for hardware components ($400,000 value).

Installed Kiosks in all inmate housing areas for inmate communications,

commissary and phone time purchasing and serves inmate education

resource. Negotiated zero cost for all hardware components ($140,000


Increased jail’s housing capacity by 82 beds for under $40,000. (Compared to over 6 million in costs for 1998 jail addition for 160 beds). Worked with IDOC jail inspector to show cell space/ configuration was adequate square footage to double bunk existing cells. Prior to this the

State Inspector denied this request citing lack of square footage but appealed this decision and showed space was adequate.

Assisted in acquiring the Odyssey Jail Manager System from Tyler Technology. Helped build this product and negotiated platform at zero cost.

Started an ongoing prescription medication disposal program.

Partnered with Peoria Police Department in acquiring AFIX Identification system. Facilitated populating this local database with jail biometric documents. System is used for immediate positive ID purposes and latent evidence searches from a local database.

Served as Project Manager on numerous capital improvement projects with a concentration on energy conservation and reducing operating costs. Installed facility lighting upgrades, white roof, solar panels, etc.

In addition to GED education programs, started Inmate Food Sanitation Certificate class for detainees.

Worked with IT Department and drastically reduced paper usage and began scanning of records into an electronic searchable format.

Assisted in facilitating a direct entry reporting system for Patrol which reduced duplication of efforts by Records division.

Successfully lowered jail ADP (Average Daily Population) by estimated 30%

Created and expanded inmate work programs to assist with operational

needs and offset operating costs.

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